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    I've been reading the government website but it's not overly clear. I'm not sure if she'll qualify and I'm looking for the thoughts/advice of people with similar situations.

    My daughter is 19 and lives at home. She was recently diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and severe anxiety. She wants to get a job but her mood changes so frequently from day to day we are not sure she'll be able to hold anything down. She had a job once so far and it didn't last long.

    We'd like her to keep trying, but at this point, we're wondering how well she'll ever be able to hold down employment. Even further education would be a challenge, as she barely managed to finish high school (through an alternative program).

    It would be nice to get her set up so she can receive some income so she doesn't feel like she's just sitting at home all day. I just don't know if she's likely to qualify. We're not charging her rent and she doesn't have any expenses. Our concern is more about her self-esteem and her own future self-sustainability.

    At this point, all we have is the paperwork from Homewood in Guelph confirming her diagnosis.

    Has anyone had any similar situations for themselves or another? If so then what was your experience?

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    Why not look into BVR (Bureau of Rehabilitation Services)? They might be able to help or train your daughter for a job. They specialize in helping people with disabilities.