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How many Logic puzzles?

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  • How many Logic puzzles?

    I just started playing. How many logic puzzles are there in each level? Will I know when I have completed them all?

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    You won't know. There are variations of a number of themes across all levels. You could get puzzles about baseball or birthday cakes in any level. You can also get puzzles with the same theme within a level, but there will be differences in the clues as well as the correct answers.


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      There appear to be at least about 60,000 puzzles, judging by the numbers used to identify them on the records tab (assuming they are sequentially numbered with no gaps, anyway).
      I'm not sure if that means some 10k per size level or not. I would not be surprised if the smaller grid sizes have more unique puzzles than the larger ones, since they could potentially create several unique 3x4 puzzles out of subsets of the categories in a 4x7 puzzle.
      I generally try to leave a comment on any puzzle where I haven't left one before, and even after years of playing and thousands of puzzles, I still occasionally find one that I have apparently never played before, or at least haven't seen in several years since I started using comments to track the ones I've completed.


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        Dear M
        Rather than thinking about completing a level, just try the next one every once in a while. Test yourself to find out if you are 'ready' for a new level. For example, I usually play 4x5 at challenging, but occasionally I'll play 4x6 at moderate (meaning easier clues than the challenging).
        Welcome to logic puzzles!