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Wordtwist: Gallant Efforts
Last post: 11 hours ago.
  • — Maybe they meant a butterfly pavlova?... Read more »
    Posted by crazykate 11 hours ago.
  • — bwt, OK, that's pretty good. It reminds me of an e-mail joke I go... Read more »
    Posted by Spike1007 18 hours ago.
  • — Had to post this. My wife showed it to me. A guy posted that so... Read more »
    Posted by bwt1213 21 hours ago.

Cryptograms: Solving Strategy - Third Last Letter Is An 'I'

Last post: 14 hours ago.
  • — I used to try this one on a regular basis, but lately it hasn't h... Read more »
    Posted by MadDoctor 14 hours ago.

Cryptograms: Classic Comments on the Quote

Last post: 16 hours ago.
  • — "Ridicule is a weak weapon when pointed at a strong mind; bu... Read more »
    Posted by LLapp 16 hours ago.

Acrostic Puzzles: How Can Solving Percentage Change?

Last post: 18 hours ago.
  • — At least three times today I have seen two players who are at the... Read more »
    Posted by Lauramur 18 hours ago.