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Wordtwist: Cheaters
Last post: 1 hour ago.
  • — For what it's worth, this has been an especially difficult month ... Read more »
    Posted by Brisul 1 hour ago.

Acrostic Puzzles: Seeing solution possible?

Last post: 3 hours ago.
  • — I should mention another way that the puzzles often trip me up: ... Read more »
    Posted by mockmook 3 hours ago.
  • — As far as I know, there is no way to view an answer until you com... Read more »
    Posted by mockmook 4 hours ago.

Wordtwist: A crazy, surprising run continued

Last post: 17 hours ago.
  • — yeah, but some of those plants are real flogs....... Read more »
    Posted by flops 17 hours ago.

General Discussion: What are your favorite types of puzzles?

Last post: 22 hours ago.
  • — Word Search, Jigsaw, Hangman, and Logic puzzles... Read more »
    Posted by DeafLady101 22 hours ago.