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General Discussion: Can you change your username?
Last post: 34 minutes ago.
  • — You can request an account deletion by emailing puzzlebaron@gmail... Read more »
    Posted by admin 34 minutes ago.
  • — Hello. I was wondering how do I delete my account. Thanks!... Read more »
    Posted by wai_wai 6 hours ago.

Wordtwist: Achievements and Accomplishments Thread

Last post: 2 hours ago.
  • — It's less about bragging for me. I'm curious as to how the Hall o... Read more »
    Posted by Brisul 2 hours ago.
  • — Which reminds me of the old Mae West quote: "When I'm good, ... Read more »
    Posted by bwt1213 3 hours ago.
  • — Reminds me of that old joke: "I used to be conceited but no... Read more »
    Posted by dannyb 4 hours ago.
  • — [QUOTE=Master Of The Universe;n31886]I can't speak for other play... Read more »
    Posted by Naboka 16 hours ago.
  • — Good book for everyone to read: Rethinking Narcissism by Dr. Crai... Read more »
    Posted by Naboka 16 hours ago.
  • — I can see why you may feel that way with a username like Master O... Read more »
    Posted by lalatan 22 hours ago.
  • — I can't speak for other players that prefer to go for high scores... Read more »
    Posted by Master Of The Universe 22 hours ago.

Reverse Word Searches: I am getting faster!!!!

Last post: 4 hours ago.
  • — Thanks for assuring me that i will get faster, oddcouple! i shou... Read more »
    Posted by Applemania 4 hours ago.

Wordtwist: utterly useless words

Last post: 10 hours ago.
  • — Funny you should mention it. Check out my avatar--that's a toad ... Read more »
    Posted by RussDNails 10 hours ago.
  • — I just got points for TOADLESS. I can't imagine that word gets us... Read more »
    Posted by DrPlacebo 11 hours ago.

Calcudoku: When numbers not entering I click on "save board" and it returns to normal operation

Last post: 11 hours ago.
  • — . ? ( Read more »
    Posted by mbiSmesk 11 hours ago.

Cryptograms: Classic Comments on the Quote

Last post: 18 hours ago.
  • — One of the great pleasures of this thread is when the community o... Read more »
    Posted by montyb 18 hours ago.
  • — (Sometimes darkyr has the ability to bring everything together so... Read more »
    Posted by Eureka 22 hours ago.

Cryptograms: Inspired Poetry

Last post: 20 hours ago.
  • — Always love kb83's limericks!!... Read more »
    Posted by Deanna48 20 hours ago.
  • — (This one needs to be read out loud with a French accent.) &quo... Read more »
    Posted by Eureka 21 hours ago.
  • — I like LLapp's idea of having a forum thread for some of the ori... Read more »
    Posted by Eureka 21 hours ago.