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Cryptograms: our favorite things (besides cryptos)
Last post: 14 hours ago.
  • — Eureka, it was indeed special! Not mere coincidence, though; Ms. ... Read more »
    Posted by LLapp 14 hours ago.
  • — Oh, Fudi, I'm so happy to hear that you made it to the Wharton Es... Read more »
    Posted by Eureka 16 hours ago.
  • — Following up ... first, how time flies! I feel happy to report b... Read more »
    Posted by Fudi 17 hours ago.

Acrostic Puzzles: Speed Records and "Cheating"

Last post: 17 hours ago.
  • — Redpicker, Hitting 800 points occasionally, even frequently (if ... Read more »
    Posted by compuspud 17 hours ago.

Cryptograms: Classic Comments on the Quote

Last post: 18 hours ago.
  • — NotTooOld speaks for us all.... "We often want one thing an... Read more »
    Posted by LLapp 18 hours ago.