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Acrostic Puzzles: Unfinished puzzles states now saved
Last post: 1 hour ago.
  • — sgreenNYC. Perhaps a players has played a game before, remembers ... Read more »
    Posted by sewaneesue 1 hour ago.
  • — Too many cheaters here. Some of the record times are ridiculous. ... Read more »
    Posted by SGreenNYC 12 hours ago.

Wordtwist: Gallant Efforts

Last post: 7 hours ago.
  • — It's either a rhino or not a rhino. There's no such thing as a QU... Read more »
    Posted by DrPlacebo 7 hours ago.

Jigsaw Puzzles: Northern California Speed Puzzle Contest in Half Moon Bay Oct 12!

Last post: 7 hours ago.
  • — ​Sign up Here: Read more »
    Posted by bayareaspeedpuzzle 7 hours ago.

Cryptograms: Trouble re-setting password. Please help.

Last post: 9 hours ago.
  • — Admin, please help!... Read more »
    Posted by hrossa 9 hours ago.
  • — I got a new computer because my old one is dying fast. I am using... Read more »
    Posted by Old Alto 17 hours ago.