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Logic Puzzles: Clue Help
Last post: 6 hours ago.
  • — Thanks! Yeah, I see it now from the dates. Ollie has to come befo... Read more »
    Posted by evessal 6 hours ago.
  • — If Nathaniel was from Quimby, both Leticia and Ollie would be one... Read more »
    Posted by MicahFFX 7 hours ago.
  • — Sorry about the thumbnail, I think the forum software doesn't lik... Read more »
    Posted by evessal 11 hours ago.
  • — I was having a difficult time reading the thumbnail that was prov... Read more »
    Posted by BlueChrome 11 hours ago.

Circuits: How do people get such blazing fast times?

Last post: 7 hours ago.
  • — There is some kind of program that people run to get such good ti... Read more »
    Posted by Schneids 7 hours ago.

Acrostic Puzzles: April 2021 Updates

Last post: 14 hours ago.
  • — It would be great to add 2 stats to our personal sections - total... Read more »
    Posted by benjihall 14 hours ago.

Logic Puzzles: Unlabeled chart

Last post: 16 hours ago.
  • — Are you referring to the puzzles on this site? If so, I don't thi... Read more »
    Posted by boxeeboxeebox 16 hours ago.

Logic Puzzles: Is there a way to search the forums?

Last post: 16 hours ago.
  • — There is! It's actually in the header, which is why you probably ... Read more »
    Posted by boxeeboxeebox 16 hours ago.
  • — Hi. Is there a way to search the logic puzzles forum by the name ... Read more »
    Posted by Becky1233 21 hours ago.