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Cryptograms: Cryptograms on Mobile Phones
Last post: 3 hours ago.
  • — Hi all - Just a quick note to let everyone know that the Cryptog... Read more »
    Posted by admin 3 hours ago.

Wordtwist: Gallant Efforts

Last post: 14 hours ago.
  • — I guess an interim ruler of a microstate is not a MICROREGENT.... Read more »
    Posted by DrPlacebo 14 hours ago.

Logic Puzzles: 4X5 logic puzzle clue " the 5 people were the person"

Last post: 18 hours ago.
  • — There will be a list, such as: "the five animals were Ozzy, ... Read more »
    Posted by JedMedGrey 18 hours ago.
  • — Hello, I was starting to try the 4x5 puzzles and realized that th... Read more »
    Posted by emmad2700 18 hours ago.

Wordtwist: Achievements and Accomplishments Thread

Last post: 18 hours ago.
  • — Thanks, mdyak. :) With the frigga- part added it means the fear o... Read more »
    Posted by lalatan 18 hours ago.
  • — You are totally amazing and inspiring! I definitely continue to b... Read more »
    Posted by mdyak 19 hours ago.