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Unhappy Ads forcing scroll

I am having a problem on multiple puzzle-baron sites, where an ad will force the page to scroll such that the ad is visible, then force the page to stay there, and/or bring focus back repeatedly. The biggest problem with this is the ad is so low on the page that the puzzle doesn't appear on the screen when this happens. it makes the site unusable. Anyone else having this problem? found solutions?
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Default PB: Don't put video ads below puzzle grid!

I just started having the same problem. It happens when a video ad extends below the horizontal bottom level of the puzzle field. Every time the video starts over, it yanks the screen down to show the video ad. Numbergrids are among my favorites, but the video keeps interrupting my counts of squares. And I don't want to mess up my percentage of success by going in to see whether I get a video ad in the wrong position.
>>Puzzle Baron: Please make sure you put video ads up at the same level as the puzzle!
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Angry I agree it's awful.

I've been playing numbergrids on and off since 2014 and it's never been an issue before. Now I can't play at all. I'll get halfway through a puzzle, crack it, and then it drags me to the bottom and I can't finish.
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Hi folks -

Sorry about that! I've been trying to locate the problem ad but it seems it it still finding its way into our rotation. In the meantime I've moved some code around on the game play page that I'm hoping will prevent this from scrolling past the game board. Can you let me know if it is any better now? Thanks!
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Default Looks Like it's Working

I haven't had any problems recently. Thank you so much for fixing it!
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