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    Originally posted by imported_Tica View Post
    I didn't win, either. Got final question right, but so did the previous champ. Came in second. The $2,000 helped heal the pain, though. I may take heat for this, but I wasn't fond of Alex. He made some appalling misogynistic and xenophobic statements during the week's tapings. Still love the show, though.
    Yeah, Alex was an ass when I was on, too. He chose a contestant to speak with during the theme song after each match, and it happened to be me, and most of his comments were mocking the older audience members.

    Originally posted by Applemania View Post

    Do you recall the final jeopardy answer? i was never that good at Jeopardy. i'm smart, but my memory has never been that good, unfortunately.
    The clue was "this advertising icon was known as 'Prontito' in Spanish-speaking countries.'
    The correct response was "who is Speedy Alka Seltzer," which was well before my time and unfamiliar to me.
    I guessed the Frito Bandito, with my reasoning being that perhaps Frtio-Lay chose a less blatantly offensive stereotype in countries where it wouldn't go over so well.
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      Originally posted by Applemania View Post
      I've been doing these puzzles for years and have only once achieved a 'better than average' score! Now i'm no expert, but it seems that the scoring system is just a bit unrealistic, unless you're dealing with nothing but geniuses, lol! It makes me feel kinda dumb, but i know i'm not with an IQ of 151 (maybe the scoring was off) Maybe the samples aren't large enough or something. Anyways, maybe some kind of explanation could be made on your behalf? i almost always get through the puzzles without any help now, but i'm thinking that anyone who can average in the 'above average' category should maybe consider signing up for Jeopardy, lol!
      This is why the NYT stopped posting completion times: people cheat. Some complete the puzzle elsewhere and quickly type in their answers. Or they find other ways. So just enjoy doing the puzzle in your own time and forget about comparing your time to the others because many of them are cheaters.


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        I’ve noticed one could be logged into their account on multiple devices at the same time. Perhaps there are multiple players out there to get their game stats up.


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          Who cares? I don’t.

          ”I returned and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favor to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.”


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            Originally posted by Applemania View Post
            I've been doing these puzzles for years and have only once achieved a 'better than average' score...
            My score is almost always in the "above average" to the point where I'm disappointed if I fall below it. I just have a knack for this sort of puzzle, but I'm terrible at things like minesweeper.

            And I was on Jeopardy! in January of 1998. I was the only one to get the final question correct, but came in second. Back then you didn't get money unless you won, I won a trip.


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              Really? what year did you appear? What was the trip? Curious...