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A dead baby, really?

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  • A dead baby, really?

    The second clue in this puzzle—this really isn't a good idea.

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    I agree it's not in very good taste, but I see that phrase used a great deal in a comedic sense here in the US. Just this morning I was watching an old episode of "Frasier" and Daphne said, "That dingo is eating your baby," and I know I've heard it on Seinfeld too.


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      Yeah, I understand that some people might use it that way, but I think it's worse than being in poor taste. Just imagine that family having to go through life not knowing when that might pop up. There are so many things we can use for humor—that is unnecessary.

      I've just encountered the clue in a second puzzle (at least I think it's a second puzzle), and it's making me think I'm done with Puzzle Baron.