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    Great site! I was recently introduced to these BQ puzzles and spent way too much time in competition mode this month

    Here are some modifications I think would improve the puzzle solving experience:
    1. The "Sum Error" message should override the "Duplicate" message
    2. The Undo function should set focus to and highlight the cleared block
    3. A keyboard shortcut for Undo (maybe the "u" key )
    4. The bell curve results should start with the actual record low for the puzzle
    5. Later in the month, I often received the message "Puzzle has already been solved" instead of results
    6. Clear final error messages when puzzle is solved (typo last entry and then correct it)
    7. The Recent Games feature shows an error: Unknown column 't2.width' in 'field list'93

    Thanks for your consideration,
    Last edited by dzz; 01-25-2016, 01:40 PM. Reason: Changed "Invalid Sum" to "Sum Error" which is the actual message

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    Revivifying an ancient suggestion (with no response...)

    All of the above..., Plus

    1a: a redo button and shortcut ('r') for it
    2a: arrow keys should move between cells