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Is The Really Just 1 Solution To Every Balance Quest?

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  • Is The Really Just 1 Solution To Every Balance Quest?

    I was doing Puzzle pop up ad with 32 slots on each side. I narrowed it down to the final 4 spots in grey, and did come up with the same 4 in helpful hints, -28, -28, -15 and 6.

    However, after trying tons of combinations and finishing, I was double checking my math and was solid, but when I looked at solution sheet, it shows that I solved the chart differently than show. The problem is, when I was going over the rules, its say specifically there is only 1 solution, yet my solution works and so does the solution sheet I printed. I solved the 4 boxes around the main 0 box, and combined they equal 0. So not sure what is going on, if some kind of freak accident, or if there is multiple solutions then how do I know which unique solution you're looking for?

    Based on my test, when down to 4 spots left, there was less than 24 different ways to orient the final 4 numbers, I didn't bother testing every variation, cause solved after like my 5 try. I could but thought I'd make a post first.