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When does the timer start?

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  • When does the timer start?

    When you load a new puzzle, the game board appears with all the trees in place. But the "Save Progress", "Clear Errors", and "Undo" buttons do not appear until your first clock on the gameboard. Also, column and row labels that are zero do not turn green (to indicate completeness) until that first click.

    So I wonder, too, if the timer begins on load, or does it not begin until the first click? Do people analyze the board before they begin playing?


    A separate issue:
    I find that "September's Winners" box to the right of the board to be irritating. The image slides back and forth when I'm trying to focus on the game board. It's a completely unnecessary distraction. So I wind up scaling my browser to only include the game board. A small, static list of winners and scores would serve very well.

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    I tested it by waiting for over a minute to start the game, and it definitely starts on load - not on first click.


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      Thanks for answering, Cosmic. One less thing for me to scratch my head over.