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  • 9x9 tips or tricks

    Does anyone have any tips or tricks to help in solving the 9x9 fast? The quickest I've gotten so far is 134 seconds. I would love to get under 100! Thanks!

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    The fastest way to get quicker at solving these puzzles (or anything really) is to consistently do them. I remember when it took me 500+ seconds to finish an 11x19. Now it takes me less than 100. This is because I've done them quite a lot over the last few years. That being said, there are some strategies you can use to make your puzzle-solving process more efficient. Do you start on the outside rim? A three-prong wire |- on the outside must always face inwards. From that, you can determine how the surrounding wires and bulbs are connected to it. A bulb immediately above the top prong must connect to it. Thus, the straight wire | that is to the immediate right of that bulb must not connect to it. Then that 2 prong wire above < must connect to that straight wire in one of two ways.... etc etc etc. You probably know this already. The goal is to make all bulbs light up and all wires connect. You just need to be aware of the logic that goes into it and your brain will become more efficient at making these connections over time. To help with this, you can try solving some of the simpler puzzles in your head, or at least parts of them. You could open up a 5x5 and start with the top right corner and find five or so turns that necessarily follow from that, then describe in your head the logical process you are going through. Just keep repeating this process until you become fully aware of what you are doing and why you are doing it. This isn't to say that you should verbally describe every single action you take. Visual intuitions are definitely the answer here. It's just that verbalization can be hugely helpful when trying to understand or gain insight into something.