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Best way to move around?

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  • Best way to move around?

    I cannot figure out an efficient way to move around the crossword puzzle board - I've tried mouse, arrow buttons, doing all horizontal first and then all vertical, doing it by sections (ie - in quadrants). The only short key I can figure out is tab which just switches between horizontal and vertical. I feel like I'm missing some obvious way to navigate this - is there a short key just to go to the next word instead of switching between horizontal/vertical in the same square? How do other people approach this? Thank you!

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    Hi tateration -

    You should be able to use your keyboards arrow keys to easily move around the board.
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      I know what he means. I would be handy if the 'ENTER' key took you to the next clue. When I am working through the down clues, clicking on the space changes the orientation to across, and I end up typing the answer perpendicular. When I click to skip already filled squares, the direction changes.