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April's games apply to May record?

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  • April's games apply to May record?

    Hi Stephen & all,
    I noticed that games people (including me) played in the last hours of April seem to have been applied to May's monthly records. The screenshot below clearly shows april games in the May challenge. I noticed that for the last hours of april, my score stopped advancing on the high score challenge page (headed "April 2022"), so I guess it was already being applied toward may.
    Also, I'm pretty sure I clicked through a large number of games, but only the solved ones appear in my denominator during that time. I bet it should be closer to 50% solved.
    I'm new to this, so maybe this has been discussed before--if so apologies.

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    Also, it shows that I improbably solved 41 games in the first 9 minutes of May. Pretty good, huh. ;-)


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      Many thanks for this! Something surely seems off - I will investigate this week.
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        Thanks. Maybe my solution rate is 100%, if I complete every puzzle I start (i.e.,, clicking through without trying doesn't lower the solution rate). If so, maybe the solution rate is fine, since I think I was completing everything.