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Is this normal/usual?

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  • Is this normal/usual?

    Last few days, when I start a game, it's making me move to each letter rather than progressing itself. Also, those early letters before it works properly don't register as being moved from the top, making for a big mess of letters used and unused.

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    I get this sometimes, I notice the page is sometimes taking a minute to load, I think the ads. I see a circle going in the browser tab. If I wait till it's fully loaded It works fine.


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      Hi newestnerd - I've seen these issues too. For the letter not being registered as used, I have found that placing my cursor on the letter in question, then typing it in again (even though it is already there) usually fixes it.
      Today, I had a new glitch, wherein I click on a box to place a letter, and then a dialog box pops up with Microsoft Wallet (?) in it (which I don't [knowingly] use). In the box is a series of letters from the previous dropquote (or even Cryptogram!) I did, and the box seemingly is offering to autocomplete my puzzle. This glitch doesn't seem to appear if I type the puzzle right through, only if I go from say the last two words and move my cursor to nearer the beginning of the quote. One time it autofilled the puzzle {incorrectly, of course} and I had to manually remove each letter. I don't know how to get rid of this, or why it appeared.
      Luckily, I only play dropquotes occasionally.


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        i dont understand the above but Stephen -ADMIN!!!!!