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Can this be my fault?

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  • Can this be my fault?

    The bottom edge is complete yet much less wide than the incomplete top edge. I doubt I lost any pieces. I'm missing several edge pieces.
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    Some puzzles are cut so that it can be difficult to determine which ones actually fit together. Look at your picture - the sun should be further to the left, so I would guess that several of your top left edge pieces need to be moved to the right of the sun. That should get you back on track. Have fun!


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      Well, I figured there could be duplicate cuts but not in a way that would allow that many pieces to be wrong.
      I see there are 20 pieces on the bottom edge and 20 on the top so that supports what you are saying.
      I packed it up and opened a different puzzle. Maybe I'll get back to it someday.
      Thanks for your help.


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        I have seen puzzles where every piece has essentially the same cut. Not my idea of fun.


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          I've encountered puzzles where the cuts on the pieces are nearly identical. Not how I define fun.