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  • Most/Least Popular Jigsaw Images

    I'm always on the lookout for interesting new images to add to our jigsaw puzzle collection, and today I thought I'd check through our real-world statistics to see what people's preferences seem to be in that regard. It was an interesting exercise! Here's some lessons learned:

    #1. You guys love rainbow colored images!

    All of our top 10 images (ranked by the # of times you've collectively selected them for a puzzle) are rainbow-colored. And half of those feature pencils or crayons.


    #2. You're not fans of images that are primarily earthy colors.

    All of our bottom 10 images feature primarily browns and greys, with some green. jigsaw2.jpg

    #3. Your absolute least-favorite image is this poor little seal.

    Poor little guy!


    From now on I'll be on the lookout for more colorful, rainbow-themed images for your puzzles. Lesson learned!

    Thanks for playing!

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  • #2
    Now I feel sorry for the poor little seal. If I ever see him again I'll be sure to solve him.


    • #3
      If I didn't do the seal, it would be because there's too much sand! Otherwise, I love beach pictures. I hope you'll add more seascapes and landscapes, too. And produce stands, speaking of color. Thanks for asking.


      • #4
        That seal is hard! I did it last night and it took me forever.


        • #5
          Wish we could search the images. I'd search for the seal!


          • #6
            I do the ones with pencils and crayons because they are the ones with colours. I love a puzzle with lots of colour variety and texture variety. Would love to see more mandala type puzzles.


            • #7
              I also enjoy architectural lines. And I'm not at all fond of ones with too much symmetry.


              • #8
                I have been browsing pixel bay and have selected a lot of images that I think would make great puzzles. Would you be receptive to my input?