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    Don't buy jigsaw puzzles by Eurographics. I recently purchased one of their puzzles from my local bookseller.
    Upon opening the sealed box and emptying the sealed puzzle pieces, it quickly became evident that the pieces inside
    were not for the puzzle shown on the box. I contacted the company to say that I needed the pieces for the puzzles
    on the box and also the box for the puzzle I had come close to completing, even without a picture for guidance.
    They agreed to send me a new puzzle to match the one I'd originally purchased but not the second.
    As I got near completion of this puzzle, I realized there had to be pieces missing so I did a count of the open spaces and the
    pieces left and there were a good 20 missing pieces! Such a waste of time....I will never, ever buy this brand again.
    Ravensburger are my favorites.