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  • Jigsaw Puzzle board moving

    When doing a Jigsaw Puzzle is there any way to stop the screen from moving. When I try to move a piece the whole board moves. Is there a way to make it stationary. I realize it's when I don't click directly on the puzzle piece, but when I'm trying to hurry that's what happens.

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    This drives me crazy. I wish there was a way to lock the puzzle into place based on the edge pieces or something. I know not everyone starts with the edge, but a lot of us do.


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      Hello, I think this isn't a possibility you can stop from your device. I think it's more related to the game you are using. For example, I've been using the online jigsaw puzzles for a long time, and it doesn't flip my screen at all. I even played this version from multiple devices like my phone, laptop, my work laptop, etc. You can try it too and see. Maybe this is related to your device too. If you did stop the portrait orientation from your phone, I don't think you can do anything to stop it.
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