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Please help me find a very special puzzle

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  • Please help me find a very special puzzle

    I am here to ask for help. when i was a little kid my mom bought me avery special jigsaw puzzle. back then we didnt have internet, and the tv only showed soviet cartoons on the weekend mornings. so puzzles were a go-to on a cold rainy day. and my favourite of them all was that one Disney puzzle. I have a really beautiful memory of it, but sadly our house burned down 5years ago. and so did all my childhood puzzles.. most of them were just that- a paper puzzle. but this one was very close to my heart and i wish to find it and buy it.

    The description:
    in the center of the puzzle was a big oldschool open top red truck that was full of disney characters. The truck had big front grill and round front lights that were outside of the body of the car. there were a couple of dogs running by the side of the car. one of the dogs had a sausage in his mouth. in the background there was a field with a cow. the road was gravel i believe. i think the puzzle was a 1000pieces, but im not sure. i attatch a picture of the truck that is very similar to the one in the puzzle, however the puzzle was a drawing, not a photograph. (sorry for my english, it is not my first language)
    Errr.. i cant add a link of the truck for some reason. its called "Disney fire truck" (its ironic that my favourite puzzle was of a firetruck and i didnt even know it was a firetruck. and it burned in a house fire, and also i am a fireman haha, double irony)
    ive never used forums before, i dont know how i will get a notification here. if you can help me, please email me:

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    Oh, I had the same puzzle as a child! I really liked her too


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      I also lost a lot of puzzles that I liked as a kid. Most often, they were puzzles of 500 pieces because I was too small to put together something more complicated without someone's help. But I remember that time pleasantly. My parents tried to instill in me a love of creative activity. They encouraged my love of puzzles, drawing, design, and sports. I'm grateful to them for that. I am still fond of puzzles, not children's puzzles, but 3d metal puzzles. This is the compilation of metal figures, which can then be put on a shelf for interior decoration. I give some of them to my friends so that they can take them apart and reassemble them.
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        It must have been a heartbreaking experience for you. I understand how special jigsaw puzzles can be, especially the ones that hold dear memories. It's amazing how a puzzle can transport us back to a happy time.
        I'm glad to hear that you're searching for the Disney puzzle that was close to your heart. Have you tried searching for it on online marketplaces or auction sites? You can also try contacting Disney merchandise collectors' groups on social media platforms. I hope you find the puzzle soon and relive the cherished memories of your childhood.
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          I'd love to hear an update on this. Was the puzzle found?