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  • Incorrect number of pieces

    I noticed that sometimes the pieces were smaller than other times, even when the puzzles had the same number of pieces, so I started checking the dimensions of the puzzles.

    It turns out that sometimes (often) the number of pieces is greater than it is supposed to be.

    The last two 84-piece puzzles I did had 96 pieces (12x8); earlier I did a 96-piece puzzle that had 108 (it was 12x9). One 84-piece puzzle was 11x8 (88 pieces).

    It is annoying to do a 96-piece puzzle and have it scored as an 84-piece puzzle.

    *update - I just finished four more 84-piece puzzles; 3 had 96 pieces and the other had 88 pieces.

    **update - Another 108 piece (should be 96) and 88 piece (should be 84). Since I noticed this and started checking, every puzzle has had the wrong number of pieces.

    *** Finally, a 96-piece with 96 pieces.
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    incorrect number of pieces

    Every time I select a 12 piece puzzle I get 4 pieces 3 edges and 1 middle. I cannot find a way to get the rest of the pieces. I have selected middles, edges, and all. Nothing brings up the rest. I have even changed the background and put the preview down in hopes of finding them.


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      All of them should be possible! Try another puzzle size


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        Agreed, MWalters, I started checking and found the same thing. I just selected an 84 piece that had 96


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          I've just done four 96 piece puzzles each with 108 pieces. And just to be sure it wasn't a "reset my account" issue (another website, another oddity), I logged off and back in prior to the last puzzle.


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            Well, folks, the problem continues. I had seen this thread by chance, and today decided to check on the actual number of pieces in my "84 pc" puzzle. You got it! Actually 96 pieces.


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              It happens with different sizes. I usually do 60 piece puzzles, invariable something 6x10 or 10x6. Except when it isn't. The last 60 piece puzzle I did was 11x7. That's 77 pieces. Still a fun puzzle, just took me a little extra time.


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                I recently had a 72 pc that was actually 77.