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    My 2010 book has only 4 answers for #154, Busy Day at Court.. The 11:50 time slot is missing. What are the correct answers?


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      I think there is a misprint. I get the following answers:

      9:00 am - Emmis - Bank Robbery - 12

      10:25 am - Soros - Bar Fight - 15

      11:50 am - Kelso - Car Theft - 32

      1:15 pm - Powers - Forgery - 19

      3:00 pm - Mackey - Reck. Driving - 24


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        Admin - please check Gail's Green Thumb, page 180, in Volume 2. At the very least the grid headings are incorrect, and I suspect there are other errors in this puzzle.


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          I’m totally stuck on #157 - Earth Tremors! Anyone solve this one?


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            I’m also stuck on Earth Tremors, #157


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              Originally posted by sandymiller59 View Post
              I’m also stuck on Earth Tremors, #157
              Can you tell us how far you got? What Xs and Os do you have so far?


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                Earth Tremors…clue 7 is clearer if written “the quake that lasted 23 seconds was one level higher in magnitude than the Yosalinda quake”. Then use skewed cross elimination for 2.8 and Yosalinda to find Yosalinda is NOT 2.8. (2.8 is 4:59 or 9:03 but Yosalinda is not 4:59 or 9:03 so Yosalinda is not 2.8)


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                  About Hints for first Puzzle Baron's Logic Puzzles Book (2010) Thanks admin for the making note of missing and incorrect clues for Book 1 logic puzzles. Was sure something was missing in Puzzle page 97 "Buy Low, Sell High". I've made notes on other pages of the corrections. Love the logic puzzles, but not so much when they seem to be unsolvable.


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                    I pride myself in solving these quickly, even beat some times marked in the book as the best time. But I am stuck on #153 Prom Night. It might be that I just need to go to bed after a long week and try in the morning - haha


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                      This is one that I could not solve either. I think there are several that don't have enough clues. This is one of them . #148 is like that too. I can't find a clue the tell Ken from John.


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                        Glad to see I wasn't the only one who got stuck on Puzzles 97 and 125. The corrections listed above for these two puzzles helped tremendously. Thanks!


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                          Originally posted by admin View Post
                          There were unfortunately a handful of errors that made it into the first volume. The following fixes were sent to the publishers and should "fix" any problems you're having:

                          1. Checking Accounts (125)

                          Change Clue 4 to the following: Of Emma and the customer who got the balloon-themed checkbook (who wasn't Carter), one signed up for the student checking account, and the other had Lipton as a surname.

                          2. Barber Shop (127)

                          Change Clue 1 to the following: The five customers are the one who was served first, the one who got the flattop, Matthew, the customer who requested a crew cut (who wasn't served fourth), and the one who has prematurely gray hair (who isn't Alan and who wasn't served third).

                          Change Clue 3 to the following: Trevor got his haircut before Matthew. Neither Trevor nor Matthew has brown hair.

                          3. Island Cruise (138)

                          Change Clue 6 to: The couple went snorkeling three days before the landing that occurred at 6:00 pm (but not on June 14).

                          4. It's Knot Easy As It Looks (147)

                          Change Clue 5 to: Norbert (who didn't give the last presentation) worked with Group D.

                          5. Buy Low, Sell High (97)

                          Add clue: The stock in the pharmaceutical sector has a greater value than HOPN.

                          6. Ticket Sales (198)

                          Add two clues at the end:

                          8. Thursday's show is at the Grand.

                          9. "Two Towers" has fewer than 8 open seats remaining.

                          7. Quiz Show (168)

                          Change Clue #8: 'Estrella ended the game with fewer points than Chandler.'

                          8. If You're Going to San Francisco (176)

                          Change clue #8: 'Alondra's hotel room cost $200/night.'

                          Thanks for posting these updates, as 138 and 198 are two of three puzzles in this book I was never ever to complete using logical deduction.

                          admin I just tried your amendment to Island Cruise (138) but it seems to be incorrect: surely this is supposed to say "(but not on June 8)" instead? Clue 2 in that puzzle already states that June 14 landing was at 12 Noon, and the solution at the back of the book shows the couple did in fact go snorkeling on the 14th. The clue also wouldn't make sense even if it was reworded to "6:00 pm (which was not on June 14)", as again clue 2 already provides this information.

                          Also tested the additional clues to puzzle 198; had already deduced clue 8, but clue 9 was what I needed, which allowed me to quickly resolve the puzzle.
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                            I am down to the end of Solar Eclipses page 20 volume 1. I have May-2016-1:45-(either 0.97 or 1.01) and July-2014-4:52-(either 0.97 or 1.01). I do not see that this is solvable based on the clues. What am I missing??


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                              Do you have the January eclipse in 2013? If so, the December (not the July) eclipse should be in 2014. Clue 7 puts the December eclipse one row below the January eclipse.


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                                Zenobia43 thank you!! I can’t believe I made such a careless mistake. I see now.