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Expert help needed: #155 (Radio Winners, book 1)

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  • Expert help needed: #155 (Radio Winners, book 1)

    Hoping I can get some help from the logic puzzle experts out there!

    I have completed most of book 1 so far; however, there are three I am completely stumped by: #138, #155 and #198.

    I will start with posting my progress on #155 (Radio Winners, book 1) as shown in the attached image. Have spent many hours on this and been through all the Logic Puzzle solving steps on this site but cannot seem to get any further. Either I am missing something obvious or there are more advanced techniques I am unaware of: really hoping someone can help me out here.
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    I see one very helpful advanced technique you have missed. The puzzle can only have one solution, so many times you can reverse engineer an answer based on this knowledge.
    In this puzzle, Amber is not mentioned in any of the clues, and the only thing we know about Dorian is that he didn’t win the WTLD contest. This fact about Dorian is the only thing that could possible differentiate between the two, so we know Amber must have won the WTLD contest. If she didn’t, then the puzzle would have two solutions (Dorian and Amber would have two remaining stations with no way to know which was which)

    This technique only works on valid puzzles with only one solution. It requires some trust, but if content creators can’t be trusted to make valid puzzles, better to find out and move on!

    This technique is also VERY useful for speed solving. First thing scan the puzzle for clues that only eliminate one combination, then check to see if there are any other things in that category which have no information at all. If you find one, BINGO! You have an easy answer right away, then scan for more things in that category to see if you can quickly fill in a lot of information related to it and you are off to a rocket start!


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      Been a while since I posted this and now find out that 138 and 198 had missing clues in the original prints, which just leaves me stuck on puzzle 155.

      Thanks for your advice StageNinja - unfortunately I'm struggling to grasp the logic behind the solution you posted. Why does Amber have to be WTLD? As I understand it, Andrew or Roman are also valid answers, as shown in the image I attached.

      Are you or anyone else able to elaborate on this technique, as I'm starting to wonder whether there is a missing clue or information for this one as well; the way it stands the puzzle seems unsolvable to me, else it requires a technique than none of the other 199 puzzles need in order to solve.


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        The only thing I noticed was that you don’t have “steps” of the frequencies correct. Higher numbers are higher frequencies so what you marked doesn’t match the clue number 3
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          Perfect, thank you Sure711 - Realise I had (mis)interpreted clue 3's wording of "next highest" to mean one step lower from the highest; if it had been "next higher" or worded slightly better it would have helped.

          Thanks to your fresh set of eyes I quickly finished this puzzle and completed the book: much appreciated.
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