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"Once in a Blue Moon" hint help

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  • "Once in a Blue Moon" hint help

    Hello all! I have received the dreaded "once in a blue moon" hint text and am absolutely befuddled as to how to proceed on this one. Any ideas? I've grayed out all clues that are already fully represented on the grid.

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    I dont know if this helps but based on the clues I figured out that
    • zephyr breeze can't be 8 or 20 million
    • fast and dead cant be 8 million
    • what a world cant be 14 million
    but that's all I got having a quick look at it


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      From your grid (nice image BTW)

      Fast and Dead can only be 45, 65, 112
      Tippecanoe can only be 45, 112
      What a World can only be 45, 65, 112

      The other options in the movies category will have to be in a theater that isn't 45, 65, or 112.


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        Thank you Serenia!!! I never would have seen that.


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          I have never seen the "No Hint Available" paragraph before!

          I assumed that the puzzle creation engine verified that there was only a single solution to each puzzle using the same hint system that we (the players) see, but apparently not. That's very interesting!


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            There should be a special award for anyone who manages to get that hint. Nice work haploytype.