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4X5 logic puzzle clue " the 5 people were the person"

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  • 4X5 logic puzzle clue " the 5 people were the person"

    Hello, I was starting to try the 4x5 puzzles and realized that they all had clues that began with " the 5 people , were the person". What does this clue mean?

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    There will be a list, such as: "the five animals were Ozzy, the ostrich that finished 2nd, the animal from Old Station, #128 and #105." In this case, five different animals are mentioned, so:

    - Ozzy cannot be the one that finished second, Ozzy cannot be from Old Station, Ozzy cannot be #105 or #128.

    - Likewise, the animal that finished 2nd cannot be from Old Station, and cannot be #105 or #128.

    Got it?

    There is really good information at: Logic Puzzles | How to Solve a Logic Puzzle (

    It goes through the types of clues from easiest to most difficult and explains how to handle them.


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      Yes!!! That makes alot of sense now!! The linked page was very helpful in explaining the many types of clues , Thank you so much!


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        You might have seen the thread that was started last month: I snagged the link from that thread! Quite a few folks have posted tips, some of them great for brand new logic puzzle solvers, some more applicable to long-timers. Big take-aways: HAVE FUN!!! Take your time - you will gradually get better. This is fun, and a game - remember that if you start to think you are not doing well enough. It has taken some folks many years to get as good as they are., so don't be hard on yourself.