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Possible issue with Volume 3 puzzle #184: Fusion Reactors

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  • Possible issue with Volume 3 puzzle #184: Fusion Reactors

    I recently made my way through all of the puzzles in the Puzzle Baron: Logic Puzzles: Volume 3 book, but there were two puzzles that I got caught up on, with one of them being #184: Fusion Reactors.

    Specifically, clue #5 says the following: The Zawasa, the fusor reactor, the facility in Honduras, and the facility in Qatar are launching in three different months.

    Because clue #5 mentions four different things being spread across three different months, and because Honduras and Qatar are both countries, we can only assume one of the following:
    1. The Zawasa reactor is in Honduras.
    2. The Zawasa reactor is in Qatar.
    3. The Zawasa reactor is the fusor reactor.
    4. The fusor reactor is in Honduras.
    5. The fusor reactor is in Qatar.

    After going through the entire puzzle (and looking at the solution to confirm I was mostly right), I saw that the Zawasa reactor is the Polywell reactor and it is in Oman. As such, the fusor reactor must be in Honduras or Qatar (i.e., either #4 or #5 above must be true).

    At the end of the puzzle, I had already concluded that the Banok II reactor is in Honduras, so I thus finished up the puzzle by marking the fusor reactor as being in Qatar.

    However, when I checked the solution, I saw that Qatar and Russia were the opposite of what I had marked. Specifically, according to the solution, Russia is the fusor reactor in January and Qatar is the February reactor.

    Long story short, everything in the solution matched what I had solved exactly, except for Qatar and Russia being reversed for January and February. However, the solution in the back of the book (i.e., Russia in January and Qatar in February) seems to contradict clue #5 in relation to everything else, which all seems to be correct.

    Can anyone please confirm my thinking and let me know if clue #5 is off / the solution is partially off, or if I'm missing something obvious? Thank you.

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    Same issue here. The solution in the book can only be solved if Clue #5 is wrong and should say four different months.