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Book of hard logic puzzles?

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  • Book of hard logic puzzles?

    Hi can anyone recommend a book of logic grid puzzles that has mostly really large, more challenging puzzles in it? I see several on Amazon but I can’t tell if they are smaller /easier ones or ones with bigger grids and more options/categories. Thanks in advance!

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    Ok I just ordered this one based on its great reviews. It’s new and looks to have some larger difficult ones. Still open to other recommendations too!


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      And because I don’t think the Amazon link worked I’m attempting to attach a pic now. But it’s called The Ultimate Logic Grid Puzzle Book For Adults.
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        Have you gotten it yet? Any good?


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          annamtc I would recommend Puzzle Baron's own Fiendish Logic Puzzles book (I'm not affiliated with them!). It contains 100 puzzles, almost all 7x7, with a few 6x6; they are a good challenge for those at an intermediate level. I'm nearly a quarter the way through and most are taking me around an hour to resolve, so you might want to check that out as well.

          Fiendish Logic Puzzles.jpg