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How to solve the printable LogiCross puzzles?

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  • How to solve the printable LogiCross puzzles?

    I want to try these but there's no actual directions, hints or samples from easy to hard. It says to only use "logic" to figure out the quote but I'm not sure how to get started. I don't want to just guess and fill whichever letters/letter sets in each spot and hope for the best. Thank you in advance.
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    Use the same techniques as for the on-line puzzles. From the Admin: Logic Puzzles | How to Solve a Logic Puzzle (

    There is an excellent discussion at

    Good luck, have fun, don't take it too seriously!


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      JedMedGrey Those I know how to do it's the ones called LogiCross located here:
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        Wow, those puzzles are pretty interesting! I agree that the directions are very lacking (or rather entirely missing), but I was able to figure it out, although I had to sneak a peek at the solution first.

        Here is the most recent puzzle:

        For it, you have an 11x11 grid, but with 25 squares blacked out, leaving 96 white squares.

        The solution quote has 120 characters, but after removing spaces and the period, it is 96 characters. Clearly one letter goes into each white cell in the grid.

        The clues for the puzzle are the exact letters in the final solution, they are simply scrambled. It looks like each odd row and each odd column has been split into groups of 1-3 letters, and then those groups have been scrambled.

        So let's try to figure out how to solve it. Looking at the clue for "8 Across" (aka row 5), I see:

        A R W AK EA UT YF

        Of these letter combinations, "YF" is the most difficult. Looking at all the down clues, the letter 'F' is not found at all! So, we know that Y must be the letter that is shared with a down clue.

        Of the down clues, only "1 Across" (column 1) and "5 Across" (column 9) contain y's.

        Conclusion: The location of "YF" in the grid is in row 5, and the columns are either columns 1 and 2 or 9 and 10.


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          uigrad Thank you for your response. That puzzle is labeled 'difficult' and I would like to try one that is 'easy/beginner'. I printed one off on Friday, 4/21/23 that said easy and found a partial of the quote used to help me solve the puzzle but I want to learn the process for a puzzle like this instead of just guessing. I don't think I should have a bunch of random quotes memorized to figure out the author's puzzles either. He said they should be 'logical' and I was able to figure out a few of the words but then I hit a wall. I haven't gone any further because I feel like I'm not understanding the puzzle process properly. Anyone else tried these?

          I may just be trying to do too much mental puzzling and not enough written out, trial and error puzzling. I will keep trying.


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            uigrad I figured out the Medium level puzzle #Q14 without looking up part of the quote. I got the first 2 words of 1 across "dancing is" then I had to figure out a word that started with "wo" that fit in the constraints of 1 down and then the down letters that made sense (#2-6) - row by row. It took some time and sometimes I was able to fill in an across word which helped me fill in the down spaces. There was an ebb and flow. This stretched my brain a bit. It would be nice to see more of these puzzles from beginner to medium before I try a difficult one.


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              I'm also struggling with these. I managed the last two because I managed to unscramble the first row, but short of that as a starting place I'm totally stumped.


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                Yeah, they really seem tough to do without some major bifurcation.

                I spend a lot of time trying lots of different puzzle types posted by people on the CTC Discord channel, and over there, bifurcation is a dirty word. If a solution path to a puzzle requires a lot of bifurcation, then it really wasn't designed well, and is not going to be fun for people to solve.

                These logicross puzzles are still a neat idea, and it's possible that I'm just completely missing the method of solving them. Of course, since they are quotes, I could just guess I suppose, but I don't find that fun either.


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                  I understand your concern about not having clear directions, hints, or samples to guide you through the task. Approaching a puzzle or challenge without a clear starting point can be frustrating. While I don't have specific information about the puzzle you're referring to uno online, I can offer some general advice on how to approach logic-based puzzles.