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Is there a limit on the minimum time recorded?

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  • Is there a limit on the minimum time recorded?

    It's been a while since I solved any logic puzzles, so when I logged on today I started with the easiest puzzles. In about thirty minutes, I got a time of 30 second on 7 different puzzles, all of which matched the record time for that puzzle. I didn't time any of my puzzles using any other method, but some "felt" faster than others. There were numerous people in the comments of each that also said they had finished in 30 seconds. I'm wondering if all of my puzzles/those players' puzzles were actually completed in exactly 30 seconds, or is there a lower limit to what time is recorded as the time for solving puzzles. (i.e. If you solve a puzzle in 27 seconds, will it actually record as 27 seconds, or is it counted as 30 seconds by the system?) Of course I may just not be fast enough to get a time of twenty-some seconds, but it made me wonder.

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    I've wondered that too. I am almost positive on the 3X4 puzzles there is a 30s low limit. From what I've seen on the 4X7 puzzles, their is not low limit, or no one has found that limit yet.


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      You are correct - there is a lower limit for each puzzle type level, and anything below that time will be recorded as the limit. I spend most of my time here on the 4x5 challenging, which has a lower limit of 70s. If I recall correctly, was instituted a while back to help prevent botting.


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        Each of the puzzle sizes do have a minimum time, but there are a few records that predate that change, so if you play enough you'll see a handful of outliers.
        3x4: 30s
        3x5: 34s
        4x4: 50s
        4x5: 70s
        4x6: 96s*
        4x7: 120s

        *I might be wrong about that one. I thought it was 90s originally but there were so many 96s and so few less than that.


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          I love puzzles and i hope to try beat some records. lets all reach for the stars. #slay #workhardplayhard #kaylaqueefquoteoftheday #partygirl


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            Very helpful, thank you all. Fromalabama, that was especially enlightening. Great info to have.


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              Wow this is helpful. I typically play 4x5 now as well and have definitely noticed the 70s limit. Glad I decided to read this thread.