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  • Help Needed on This Logic Puzzle

    Good day all,
    I am just starting out solving logic puzzles and I am trying to solve a puzzle in a weekly magazine. Usually I can solve them, but I am stuck on this one. I am hoping for someone to explain the logic needed to make the next step in this puzzle.
    The attached photo shows where I am up to. Blue Bay is common in 3. and 4., but I fail to see how I can use this information.

    Thank you
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    Since 28C and 72% have to be either Blue Bay or Jorbis, you can mark Milltown and Ambiance off for both of those options. That then leads to 28C having to be 68%, since 54% would be an impossible pairing. It should all fall into place after that.


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      Clue 3 requires that either Jorbis or Blue Bay to be 72%. Therefore, neither Ambience nor Milltown can be 72%. Using the same sort of logic, neither Ambience nor Milltown can be 28C.

      With those additional Xs, Jorbis is excluded from 54% and 62%.

      Then at this point in the grid, if 54% was 28C, since 54% excludes Blue Bay and Jorbis and 28C excludes Ambience and Milltown, none of the Cities could be true.

      That gives you an X at 54%/28C. The only remaining choice for 28C would be 68%. And the rest should be relatively easy.

      Just noticed that fromalabama came up with the same logic.
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        Thank you fromalabama and zenobia43 for your help. Rediculously I kept looking at item 3, 28C and 72% have to be either Blue Bay or Jorbis, but I kept talking myself out of it.​ I have no idea why I kept doing that over several days, since the logic in it is quite clear.