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Relative difficulty of puzzles

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  • Relative difficulty of puzzles

    Hello all.

    There are 6 puzzle sizes of Logic Puzzles, with three difficulty ratings available. Thus making 18 different size-difficulty combinations.

    Was wondering what people think of the relative difficulty between these combinations?

    For example, would you consider a challenging-3x4 puzzle harder than an easy-4x7 one? Or are challenging puzzles necessarily more difficult, regardless of puzzle size?

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    The smaller sizes (3x4, 4x4) are less difficult than the larger sizes, but for each of us, the relative difficulty can vary. The better one is at remembering the clues, and keeping positive and negative pairings in your brain, the easier the puzzles are, no matter the size. For me, my brain starts bogging down at about the 4x5 size, making even 4x7 easy puzzles rather difficult at times.


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      Yeah, the 3x4 difficult is still relatively easy. Less variables simplifies the challenge.


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        I am sure I will never achieve the record times at any size or level, so I just concentrate on improving. I strive to get under the median time, with fewer seconds than points. Some days I can't even manage that for 4x4 medium level puzzles!