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What does this clue mean?

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  • What does this clue mean?

    I keep getting these clues and I don't understand it at all. I almost feel like it's not correct english or I'm being really dumb. Here's a couple of examples:

    The four people are the person who started in 2007, "Green Avenger", "Deep Shadow" and Lyle Lucas.

    The four books are the textbook written by Tara Tyne, the $29.99 title, the pre-calculus textbook and the calculus book.​

    Here's a pic of the last one if it helps:

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    It just means that each of the 4 things listed are separate items. So in the last one, Tara Tyne did not write the book that cost $29.99. She did not write the pre-calc or the calc book either. And neither of those books cost $29.99. Since the other 2 topics are Algebra and geometry, you know that one of those two cost 29.99 while the other was written by Tara. Does that make any more sense? Or did I make it worse, lol


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      When I get this clue, I put an X in the intersection of these clues. 2007, "Green Avenger", "Deep Shadow" and Lyle Lucas
      So X out:
      2007 and green avenger
      2007 and deep shadow
      2007 and Lyle Lucas
      Green Avenger and Lyle Lucas
      Deep Shadow and Lyle Lucas
      (Green avenger and deep shadow are the same category so there is no intersection)

      I hope this helps!


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        The first word you found was FORE, which has been found by 77% of players. Fewer than 1% of players find that as their first word... way to be unique!​