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What's going on with this "1" profile?

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  • What's going on with this "1" profile?

    It seems like there's suddenly a user "1" who's on most of the top ten lists for the number grids. Their profile is, where it lists the profile as having been started yesterday and having played a single puzzle, but they have records from years ago in the lists. Something's messed up in the database.

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    I believe this should now be fixed (but let me know if you still see it popping up).

    There was a bug in the code that would in a rare occasion allow a registered user's profile to link up with "Guest" playing history - which would make the fastest-ever record held by a guest player (i.e. not logged in) show up as that player's own record time. Code has been updated to prevent this from happening again.

    Thanks for catching this!
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