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Problem with leaderboard on some puzzles?

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  • Problem with leaderboard on some puzzles?

    I've never encountered this problem before, but on one puzzle (25x25 challenging, if it matters), my time was much faster than the leaderboard fastest time, but the "New Fastest Time" popup didn't happen, even though I was logged in. My score was less than the full amount of points (390/400). The lowest time on the graph was 606 seconds, but the leaderboard's lowest time was 962 seconds. I have attached a screenshot of the game-over screen. I also commented on the puzzle itself.

    Screenshot (352).png

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    I have also had this problem on numbergrids - where I should be in top 10 and I'm not.


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      I have no insight on this but my guess, given the last question on this board, is that you didn't beat the secret "guest" user which all non-logged-in users go into. It doesn't show up on the leaderboards (except during the bug in the last question) but it's generally got a good time. So basically someone at some point beat 666 seconds while not logged in.