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  • Joke(s)/Riddles(s) of the Day

    Hey, y'all since today is Thanksgiving I thought that I would post some Thanksgiving-themed riddles/jokes. I was thinking that maybe I could do this every major holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and etc.) but if you guys want me to do it more often then let me know. 24 hours after this is posted I will post the answers. Now onto the jokes.

    1. What kind of key CANNOT open or close any doors?

    2. What is a turkey's favorite kind of weather?

    3. Why was the Thanksgiving soup so expensive?

    Submit your answers below! Happy Thanksgiving and good luck! I hope you guys enjoy your time with your family and eat a LOT of good food!

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    I'm bad at figuring out riddles, but here goes:

    1. A tur-KEY?
    2. No idea, but presumably not rain, as they supposedly can drown in it.
    3. The cook made it too rich?

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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      The first one is correct but the second two are not.

      HINT FOR #2...
      It's more of a pun/joke than a riddle. I hope this helped a little.


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        1. A tur-KEY(as seen above)

        2. Fowl(foul) weather(because another word for poultry is fowl)

        3. Because it had 24 carrots(karats) in it