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I am getting faster!!!!

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  • I am getting faster!!!!

    Thanks for assuring me that i will get faster, oddcouple!

    i shoulda realized--being a top-4 percentile chess player in blitz--that the same pattern-recognition abilities would apply to this game as well. In fact, i might actually improve my blitz chess just by playing this game! i nailed 3 top tens in a row at the 12x12 grid level recently and intend to stay on this level because i find it less confusing (closer to an 8x8 chessboard), and i still have the challenge of completing it faster through a progressive ability to quickly rule-out squares during a word search. i surely won't reach anywhere near the top 3 score on any given puzzle, as i would imagine, at 65, my nervous system would blow up, lol!!
    one point--going after the games where the ave. scores are higher tend to make it easier to score more points! the downside to this strategy is that it can take up to 30 or more tries before getting to one of those puzzles (in the 12x12, for example, to get an ave. score puzzle of 1,000+ usually takes me 10 or more reboots) Making that easier to do would be an improvement and less time wasted!

    I'm having a blast!