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Loop area hint?

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  • Loop area hint?

    This is my first time seeing this type of hint. What is a "loop area" ?
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    A loop area is a term for a series of squares where you know one star HAS to exist but you don’t yet know which exact square it must be in. In this case the three slightly shaded (left-most) squares in green are part of a loop area because no matter how you try to fill the green shape, one star must always be in one of those three shaded squares (due to 2 stars already existing in the green shape’s second column, and 2 stars already existing in the green shape’s lowest row).

    The hint is pointing out that the given square can’t be a star because if it were, all 3 shaded squares would be eliminated and thus you could never fit three stars in the green shape at the same time.

    As hints go this is likely one of the rarest you’ll see.

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