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  • Points?

    Question about how points are determined. I have completed easy level puzzles in the slow range, and been awarded 135 points, and difficult level puzzles in the average range (below the average time, but not often) and been awarded 10 points. Seems to make no sense. Can someone shed light on this? Just curious.

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    I'm curious about that also. Though it seems that the average solve time for the puzzle does not affect your points. When solving easy puzzles, once the time is under 250 seconds you can get 500+points and insane puzzles solved under 700 seconds can score 650+ points. There are sometimes it's a bit off, like solving easy at 300 seconds and scoring around 500+ points, seen this happens when you have the fastest solve time. Perhaps puzzles are designated a "fast" time and how close you are determines your score?


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      I was hoping someone connected with the site could shed some light on the question, but it's not that important. The big news is that I finally got a "fast" rating on a difficult puzzle, 100 seconds or so under the average time, for 350 points!!


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        650 pts is the max for insane. Not sure what the max pts are for the other levels. I thought I saw that info at one time, but can't find it now. I typically do the insane level as I don't find them that much more difficult than the other levels, and the points possible makes it worthwhile.


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          On the logic puzzles site, I took the time to unravel the whole point system. I wrote a post about it here:

          The simple version:

          If you set a record, you get the full available points.

          If you get the median, then you get half the available points.

          The "worst" time is approximately 5 times the median. It's not the number in the bell graph (that number is exactly 5 times the median), but it is close. If you want to know how exactly to calculate the "worst" time, see the other post I wrote.

          If you are between the record and the median, then you get points based on a slope from the record to the median.

          Otherwise, you get points based on a slope between the median and the "worst" time.

          Hope that helps!

          It appears that 540 is the most you can score, at least on the easy puzzles.
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              I am sick but i'm still playing