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  • Competition Meaningless

    I find the competition meaningless because there is too much weight given to simply the number of puzzles completed without recognizing speed and/or score adequately. I do enjoy the puzzles though, so thanks for them.

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    I agree there is too much weight given to just the number of puzzles for total score.

    But the scoring for each individual puzzle also seems unfair. The scoring give significantly more weight to completion speed than to right answers.


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      Completion speed is important; otherwise, some might google for answers!


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        This shouldn't be called a trivia puzzle, though. This is really just a clicking puzzle. I have been in a situation where I got more than three questions better than the average, maybe 4, and took less than 20 seconds longer, and score significantly lower than the average score. 20 seconds is not time to search much. It is a smarter strategy to just look for the subject noun and absorb answer first letters and let instinct inspire you to answer and guess if no inspiration comes. I think the score would be higher, even if you get an additional 4 questions wrong.


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          I got 0 correct, accidentally clicked submit too early. still got 2 points.


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            I like the calculation box on the right, it does give me an idea how well I played vs other people. I don't google anything, I just guess if I don't know. What's the point if you cheat? You're just cheating yourself.