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    Starting this thread so we can celebrate our own successes and those of others! It doesn't matter if you are playing in untimed or competition mode, your success doesn't have to put you high in the ranks of competitors, or even get you on the board. Positive feedback helps all of us!!!!

    I have no idea how many people had solved this previously. I do remember that the average time for solving was 372+ seconds. I am happy when I can finish in less than the average time. I think this must be my best time yet! I rarely play in competition mode, as I can rarely finish in the allotted time. If I can routinely finish in less than the average time, I might start playing in competition mode!
    Word Search Statistics for Puzzle #
    Grid Size: 13 x 13
    Total Words in Grid: 18 words
    Words You Found: 18 words (100%)
    Your Time to Solve: 143 seconds
    New record!

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    Found all 14 words in an 11x11 in 100 seconds - musicals. Don't know what the record time for this one is.


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      18 words, 13 x 13, avg 362.2 sec, my time 290 sec.