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  • ISO tips to get better

    do ppl who score high have tips to get better?

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    I don't know. Just practice, a lot. Get your mind and eyes used to moving around quickly and scanning an area efficiently. One mistake a lot of people make is trying to find the first letter of the word to start with. So don't do that. If you try to find something in the middle of the word you have twice as many chances to identify a neighboring letter, and also the letter you want won't be hiding against the edge. I usually go with either the first vowel in the word, or a letter that's repeated twice in a row. Also, don't bother trying to find the "rare letter" as a starting point, like a V or Z. Most of those are hard to find in the grid, and most puzzle-making programs are smart enough to duplicate those letters anyway when they know a word uses them. I find that I can identify a common O or E much faster than anything else.

    But also, if you want to win the month trophies on here, scoring high on each puzzle doesn't matter much at all. The real secret is just playing constantly, for an absurd number of hours. Just brute force those total points.