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Exclamation Incorrect number of pieces

I noticed that sometimes the pieces were smaller than other times, even when the puzzles had the same number of pieces, so I started checking the dimensions of the puzzles.

It turns out that sometimes (often) the number of pieces is greater than it is supposed to be.

The last two 84-piece puzzles I did had 96 pieces (12x8); earlier I did a 96-piece puzzle that had 108 (it was 12x9). One 84-piece puzzle was 11x8 (88 pieces).

It is annoying to do a 96-piece puzzle and have it scored as an 84-piece puzzle.

*update - I just finished four more 84-piece puzzles; 3 had 96 pieces and the other had 88 pieces.

**update - Another 108 piece (should be 96) and 88 piece (should be 84). Since I noticed this and started checking, every puzzle has had the wrong number of pieces.

*** Finally, a 96-piece with 96 pieces.

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