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Old 07-02-2018, 12:37 PM
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Default Record times are 0 on some puzzles


I have seen 0 as the record time for a couple medium puzzles of the 5x5 sizes. The QIDs for these puzzles were 23697 and 24105 (found by viewing source).

6423 (6x6) also has a time of 0.

6097 (6x6) is really strange. Before I played it, the median time was listed as 491 and the fastest time was 1095. Something is clearly broken. I'd love to know how that can happen. I have a screenshot:

After waiting a few minutes, it showed up in the recent records:

Since there is a username on it, I'd guess that it was probably only played once, and it was played by that username. Is there fake data used to seed the database for puzzles that have not been played by many people?

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