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Default Record times

I have seen a few circuits where the average time was faster than the record time. For example, the circuit that I just played had an average time was 50 seconds, but the record time was 72 seconds. Also, I have seen some circuits with record times of 0.
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There seem to be a number of issues regarding scores and time in the Circuits puzzles. Scoring does not seem consistent. I'm wondering if it is because the statistics are skewed due to fewer players.
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The following stats are for my times, all on the extra large (11x19) grid:

Very Fast = 1189 seconds, 522 turns, 199 points

Slow = 730 seconds, 458 turns, 20 points

Slow = 1382 seconds, 713 turns, 20 points

Very Fast = 436 seconds, 342 turns, 188 points

Average = 558 seconds, 353 turns, 80 points

Slow = 842 seconds, 466 turns, 29 points
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Default record time recognition

If you set a record time, it would be great if you got some recognition. In cryptograms, if you set a record time, (which is next to impossible because of one player who is unbelievably fast)
you get a plane flying across your screen, which is REALLY cool. I'd love something like that for this site.
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I'm really new here (today), have been playing Puzzle Baron's Wordtwist (boggle) for years. I opened this thread hoping that there was discussion of how the better players were setting records...

I've noticed an 'average' stat in Wordtwist that's consistently odd, the average score for a given board takes into account the game you've just played, whereas the other stats don't. If you are only the second or third player to play a board and you score well above those who have played previously, the average will be higher than the (previous) high score.

I wonder if you're setting really good times, the same sort of thing might be happening. And if that explains the 0, you must have finished the game before you started it. That would be pretty impressive.
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