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Question Bug in Record/Average Time

It's been clear to me for awhile now that there is a bug in the algorithm used to calculate the 'Average Time' and 'Record Time' displayed on the init2.php page (after creating a puzzle, before starting it), because several players (myself included) have been leaving a comment with our completion time at the end, and in every case, the record time reported has been significantly longer than any of the times self-reported by the regulars. My assumption was that this bug would be noticed and addressed, so I didn't bother coming to the forum to post about it, but it's still present and unaddressed several months later, so here I am.

If I had to guess, it looks like what is being reported as 'Record Time' is actually the average time to solve, and the 'Average Time' being reported is the longest time for successful completion. I have no idea what your algorithm is for calculating thresholds for scoring, but I suspect that this may be skewing results: I've gone to dinner with the clock ticking, and come back to finish the puzzle, still being rewarded maximum points for such a solution, which I don't think should be possible. While the monthly scores are reset each month, putting everyone back onto an even playing field even with a significant change to the scoring system, it would further skew the all-time score list in favour of those of us who played when max points per puzzle was essentially a gimme.

I'm curious if any other players (or site admins or coders) have any thoughts on this matter.
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I've noticed this as well. It seemed to be working properly in August, so I think it's been just this month.
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Is it possible that the average and record times are reset each month? I noticed that the record time isn't showing for those who made record times from previous months.
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I have been *puzzled* about this too. I just finished a puzzle in 672 sec that initially showed a record time of 1365 sec. My time showed as the fastest on the bell curve but a faster time was recorded in the comments section (Be Major!...LOL). BTW....Can the comments be displayed as most recent on top? Would be nice for current players to see the latest activity.
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The delay in fixing this may be because this isn't as popular as some of the other games on the site. I don't play that much, but I was 7th in August.
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I started playing this particular set of puzzles today and noticed this. It's unfortunate that this issue hasn't been addressed in over a year. I'm really enjoying these!
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