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  • Seeing solution possible?

    I just finished an acrostic that said (though I couldn't copy it) something like, "A [shot?] has high contrast if light rays strike the subject from about the same angle. A low-contrast light strikes the subject from many different angles." I got a message saying the grid didn't match the quote, but I can't figure out what's wrong with it or any of the individual answers. Is there some way to opt out of competition mode and see the solution?

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    As far as I know, there is no way to view an answer until you complete the grid correctly (assuming there is no error in the grid!!!)

    I've had many puzzles that I thought I had completed successfully only to be DENIED :-)

    It usually means getting very similar words in the grid messed up:

    "them" for "they"
    "of" for "on"
    "stated" for "states"

    If you are completely stumped in the future, I'd use up all the "Hints" and then (if necessary) start Googling every clue until you figure out where you have gone wrong. Maybe you can even get a friend to take a look with "fresh eyes" to see the error -- and, likely what will seem obvious in retrospect.


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      I should mention another way that the puzzles often trip me up:

      Say the clue is "Fed"

      And you are thinking of "nourished" and synonyms as an answer. But, they actually mean "Fed" as "provided", like a reporter was "fed" information.
      My example isn't a good one, but I hope I gave you the gist of that type of confusion.

      So, if you are stuck, look for clues that can have two or more meanings/interpretations.


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        First check spelling. Sometimes the same misspelled word in the clue answer also seems to work in the quote., but usually one of them stands out.

        Last ditch trick, mentioned by someone years ago: If you have what you think is the correct completed puzzle but it is not accepted, try taking out two letters that you know for absolute sure are correct, then ask for hint. The game will give you three letters -- giving back the two correct letters, plus change a wrong letter you could not see before. Then hit "Submit" again.

        Might have to repeat this procedure, but usually in these situations there is only one hidden mistaken letter.
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          Another trick using google, is to take a part of the quote and search on Google. For example, I searched for "has high contrast if light rays strike the subject" (without quotes) and found:
          A light source has high contrast if its rays all strike the subject from nearly the same angle. Light rays from a low-contrast source strike the object from many different angles.
          Now, this isn't exactly what you had, but perhaps it helps.

          Under the "Redpicker's Rules of Puzzle Play" (RRPP), I consider this as a mild form of cheating, but for most people, when they get to this point in the puzzle, they just want to know what the solution is and they are no longer likely to be in contention for any records.


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            There have been times when I have everything correct (checked and double checked) but it won't accept it as the right answer. I backbutton out, restart the puzzle, and retype all the answers exactly as I had them before and it goes through.


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              How is it possible for a player to solve more puzzles than they've played?


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                I sure wish the site would offer the option to reveal a puzzle's solution, even if means it's counted as incomplete or a loss or something.

                Compuspud, where are you seeing that?