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Way to see your average solving time?

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  • Way to see your average solving time?

    I know average solving time is one of the "trophies," for Fastest Solver, but I don't see it in my stats. Is there a way to see that stat?

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    I'm still kind of new here, so there may be something better I don't know about. If you're not in the top 50 in total score for the month, it won't show up on the "Fastest Solver" leaderboard. And it doesn't show up in my regular stats. But, you can get a pretty close approximation using Average Score. Your score starts ticking down 1 point per second from the maximum possible of 800 after 150 seconds. So subtract your average score from 800 -- that number plus 150 should be an approximation of how many seconds your averaging per puzzle. It's not exact, because you may have puzzles you finish under 150 seconds, so you're just getting that base 800 points, so it doesn't reflect just how fast you really did it. Also, slow ones where you go over 850 seconds total don't go under 100 in score, I believe. In fact, some of them seem to start taking away a point for a larger segment of time (rather than for every second) when your score gets down near 100. Anyway, if you have some of both types, it should even out somewhat. At present writing, my average score is 662, so 800-662 = 138. 138 + 150 = 288, so average time should be near that. Leaderboard says it's actually 283 seconds.


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      Interesting! But that number must not be too precise. For May, it says my average score was 672, which -- with your equation -- would even out to 278 seconds. But if that were the case, I would have been ahead of the 17th-20th fastest solvers last month, but I wasn't.

      That's why I'm wondering. Last month, the 20th place person is over 300 seconds, and I know I'm usually under that ...