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  • Acrostics Migration

    Hi everyone -

    We've migrated this site over into our main Puzzle Baron platform this week. All user accounts have been brought over and our same user/pass combinations should work as before but if they don't please email me at and I will fix it for you ASAP.

    The new site should work just as the old one did but if you notice anything that isn't working properly please contact me via email and I'll check it right away. (Unfortunately the forum posts on the old system couldn't be brought over, so we're starting from scratch here.)

    Thanks for your understanding and patience during the transition!

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    Confused about format

    I’m only getting the old board. Will the “new” board still be an option? I’ve been playing since 2012 and it’s very strange not to see everyone’s avatars.


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      Hi ktbird -

      The "old" board hasn't been brought over as our stats showed very few people still using it - the one showing now is the primary playing board that's been in use for the last several years.

      Avatars still display on the profile and "Who's Online" pages. We've removed them from the leaderboard pages for now but may put them back in the future once we have a new design to better incorporate them.


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        2 questions

        Admin, two questions:

        1) my avatar seems to have disappeared. furthermore, I don't see a listing of all registered members anymore. Where can I find my avatar and the listing of members, if they still exist?

        2) I have worked a few puzzles since the migration (mostly logged out which has been my wont for a long time now). I have not seen any comments on any of the puzzles so far. Did comments migrate over, or are they lost like prior forum discussions? I would hate to think that all my pithy remarks are lost to posterity!


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          Hi Dunderchief -

          Avatars unfortunately didn't all make it during the transition - sorry about that! Same goes for old forum posts and private messages. You can add an avatar back to your account now though if you like.

          The comments code hasn't changed, so it may just be that you've solved a bunch of puzzles that don't yet have any - but I'll double check. In any event nothing has been lost here so if they aren't displaying we'll get them working again shortly.



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            The subject of many of the puzzle comments were problems with that puzzle's answers or clues.

            For instance, several puzzles had a clue missing (just --- under the answer lines), or an 'answer' was mis-spelled or mis-represented (e.g., answer not indicated as 2 words).

            Were the comments 'reviewed' or just blindly migrated?


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              We periodically review all comments and regularly edit/remove puzzles where issues are found - please keep them coming!


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                Have you been able to stop whatever process some use that allows them to call up a puzzle and type in the answer as quickly as possible, having figured out the saying ahead of time?
                Love your site, though, as I am reconciled to simply trying to get the highest scores I can while not cheating.

                I'm sure there are some folks a bit better than me at the acrostics who do them honestly and who get better scores than I, and they must grit their teeth and shake their head when they see to low scores posted on many puzzles that can only be the result of typing in the answer as quickly as possible.
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                  I don't like the new appearance of the Acrostics page. Some of the text is in a thin, very hard-to-read font, and what's worse, the text in that font is in a smaller size. Unfortunately, the definitions fall into this category. So does the text underneath the box containing the solved quote, and the statistics in the box at the bottom of the page once the puzzle is solved. Find one easy-to read font and use it for everything, differentiating by using italics or bold or slight differences in size. No need to get all busy with your fonts.

                  (MacBook Pro, OS 10.12.6; Safari 12.0.3)


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                    Bfloxword - I will look into this.

                    DogMa - Can you email a screenshot (or multiple) of what you're seeing to I don't have a MacBook to test on currently. Thanks!


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                      admin, how do you propose I return to the puzzle that was solved in 32 seconds? I don't have a magic wand.


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                        Originally posted by bfloxword View Post
                        admin, how do you propose I return to the puzzle that was solved in 32 seconds? I don't have a magic wand.
                        If you need assistance with something I need more information than that. I have no idea what you're referring to. Please email


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                          oops, i thought the message for dogma was for me. Forgive my lack of observation.


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                            There is a post notice on the forum section of the home page for acrostics:

                            Speed Records and "Cheating"Posted by: redpicker
                            March 19, 2019, 11:20 pm

                            But when you click the link, you get the following notice:
                            Page Not Found

                            We've recently updated our website and some pages may have changed locations. Apologies for any inconvenience.

                            I noticed this once before as well, I think it was on this string.

                            I thought you might want to check to see that all modern posts are showing up in the right place.


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                              That's odd. When I click on it, it takes me to the post. When I posted it (last night), I had to edit it because I had a typo, and when I saved it, I got a notice that my post was suspicious spam and would need approval. As I had taken some time to compose the post, I was a bit miffed, but I just went to bed. I will re-post it because I believe it is relevant to the discussion.