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  • Terrible Clues

    Does anybody else here struggle because of poor clues?

    An example - "Hard to come by" and the answer "Out of Print"

    I'd solve them a lot faster if the clues were a little less tenuous.

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    Yes, there are some terrible clues. All we can do is complain by voting them down. But I wouldn't want to have to come up with clues for all these puzzles.


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      Yes, please vote down clues as you come across them to let us know which ones need attention. I am constantly reviewing user feedback and altering/removing/updating clues that have the highest ratios of down-to-up votes. Many thousands have already been fixed and I'm sure there are plenty more to be done.

      We originally had several clue authors working for us and while most of their work was stellar there were a few who tended to include clues that were a bit too esoteric/vague. I'm doing my best to fix those as we find them, but as the original puzzle set for this site included more than a quarter of a million clues, its quite a task to catch them all.

      So please do use those downvote buttons whenever you see a clue that needs a bit of freshening up!


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        Hi Administrator; Glad to see you are reading these comments. Please reply more often. I thought we were talking to ourselves.


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          When it comes to the question of whether people are cheating, we are talking to ourselves


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            Thanks to the Admin for replying to my post. It is appreciated, and good to know you're listening.