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  • Suspicious connection message

    Every time I log on to Puzzle Baron's Acrostics site I get a message from my Bitdefender anti-virus software that says "Suspicious Connection Blocked." I have been ignoring this message and continuing with the puzzles without any problems but I'd like to know if anyone else has had this experience, what it means and should I be concerned.

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    Hi Howsa -

    According to bitdefender this message indicates a problem with an SSL certificate on a website - here's the full explanation from Bitdefender:
    How to stop "Suspicious connection blocked" notifications - Bitdefender

    I've checked our SSL certificate for and we're definitely OK in that regard, but my guess is that there is an advertiser targeting you with a frequent ad that they are not serving properly over HTTPS. This is bad practice on their part (but not really a big security concern as you're not sending any sensitive information through that advertiser's connection), and I will work to track down the problem ad. To hopefully stop the issue for you right away I will bump you up to premium (ad free) free of charge for 1 week - please let me know if that fixes the issue for you.

    If you enjoy our puzzles, please consider upgrading to a premium account to remove all ads and help support us financially. Thanks for your support!


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      Hi Stephen-

      Thanks for your quick response and comprehensive explanation. I did not get the "suspicious connection blocked" notification when I did an acrostic today so being ad free appears to have eliminated the problem for now. I hope you are able to track down and eliminate the source.