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    You have to feel sorry for anyone so pathetic that they feel the need to cheat on an acrostics site. For what it's worth, there's one name I see constantly coming up as having solved puzzles in less time than it would take most people to read the clues.


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      I've been playing acrostics here for well over 10 years. I used to frequently score in the top 10 or top 20 on both scores and fastest times. Like the rest of you, I now find it impossible to get those kind of scores, given the numbers of games some people seem to be playing and the incredibly fast times. Incidientally, I still manage to score in either the "very fast" or "fast" categories, and I am certainly no genius.

      I appreciate all the work that the moderators do to try to keep the scores kosher, but as someone pointed out, there's probably a problem with cheating on ANY internet site. Cheaters will always be cheaters.

      My conclusion? I now just play for the enjoyment of playing. In fact, I no longer play the shorter puzzles, as I get more satisfaction out of playing each one for several minutes instead of just a minute or two.