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  • Change the clue

    The answer to in-air waitress is stewardess? Offensive. A better clue is in-air safety expert/

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    I thought "stewardess" was considered offensive. Shouldn't it be "flight attendant"?


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      Thanks for catching that! This clue has now been updated.
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        Change the clue if you feel you must, but FYI many people in the airline industry today don't consider the term offensive, only old-fashioned.


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          and if stewardess is offensive, is steward offensive as well?


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            Offense offends some people.

            The OP was saying that the answer to "In-air waitress" was stewardess is offensive. This is because referring to a stewardess (a rather dated term) as a waitress is demeaning. Flight attendants have very important duties and modern air travel would be impossible without them. With the advancement of drone technology, one could argue the Flight Attendant is becoming more important than the pilot.

            The real problem is that our language is changing. That, in itself, is fine. It is what English does, along with borrow (conscript?) words from other languages, or even make-up new ones. The deal is that a puzzle game based on language can become dated if it does not adapt to these changes.


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              I think you should call them more respectful.​
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